Overview Block Three

Your Ultimate Companion to James Cameron’s Aliens

The backbone of the documentary is an analysis of the crucial scenes of Aliens in chronological order. Using an innovative graphical ‘scanner’ we travel inside the movie to focus on not just scenes, but individual elements within those scenes, including characters, weaponry, and sets.

As we examine these elements, the crew, including Creature Effects Supervisors Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr., Visual Effects Supervisor Robert Skotak, Model Maker John Lee, and Graham Hartstone (Sound Department) add their own stories to those of the cast.

Along the way, we offer up a fresh and expanded take on the incredible story behind the film: the chance encounter that led to Cameron taking it on, the intense writing process, the intuitive casting of the marines, winning over Sigourney Weaver, finding Newt, the nightmare shoot, and the ultimate triumph. Famous tales are retold, but enriched with new perspectives.