Overview Block Four

But this isn’t just the story of Aliens - it’s also a story about how we relate to it. Together, we investigate the broader elements of the Aliens experience, examining how our love of Cameron’s film, then and now, has been influenced by a wide range of factors, including:

  • The Merchandising, including the novelisation and James Horner’s atmospheric soundtrack.
  • The Expanded Universe, including the books, comics, video games, film sequels, and cosplay.
  • And the Fan Communities that enable us to continue to show our appreciation for the film all these years later

In these sections, Alan Dean Foster (Author, Aliens Novelization), Mark Verheiden (Author, Aliens Comics), V. Castro (Author, Vasquez), Charles de Lauzirika (Director, Superior Firepower: Making Aliens), and Derek Dafoe (Alien Theory) add their own insights to those of the cast and crew.