With five hours of insights to choose from, we’re spoilt for choice. Here are a few of our favorite segments in the film:

RoboCop - The cast and crew, including Peter Weller (Murphy/RoboCop), Nancy Allen (Officer Lewis), Ronny Cox (Jones), Kurtwood Smith (Clarence), Paul Verhoeven (Director), and William Sandell (Production Designer) discuss their experiences making the film and what it means to them.

VFX - VFX legends at Industrial Light & Magic, including Dennis Muren (Creative Director, ILM), and two-time Oscar-winner John Dykstra (Special Photographic Effects supervisor, Star Wars) explain the visual artistry behind some of your favorite scenes in Star Trek, Star Wars, and more. The discussion then turns to the early uses of computer graphics, with contributions from Nick Castle (Director, The Last Starfighter) and Randal Kleiser (Director, Flight of the Navigator).

Flash Gordon - Sam J. Jones (Flash), Melody Anderson (Dale), and Deep Roy (Fellini) comment on the outrageous costumes, extensive improvisation, and its mix of sweetness and naughtiness that helped turn Flash Gordon into a cult classic.

The Space ShuttleWalter Koenig (Chekov in Star Trek I-VI) and Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: TNG) reflect on their reaction to seeing the first Space Shuttle, Enterprise, while Nicholas Meyer (Director, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan), Catherine Mary Stewart (Actor, The Last Starfighter), Kerry O’Quinn (Editor, Starlog Magazine), and others offer a moving tribute to the Challenger Disaster.

Tron - Bruce Boxleitner (Alan/Tron in Tron) and Harrison Ellenshaw (Visual Effects Supervisor, Tron) discuss the filming of Tron and its pioneering use of CGI to create its unique style, including filming the lightcycle sequences with just a stick for a prop! 

Creature Effects - Who else misses the charm and style of practical creature effects? Our experts, including Steve Johnson (the creator of ‘Slimer’ in Ghostbusters), the Oscar-winning VFX artist Phil Tippett (The Empires Strikes Back, RoboCop), and Matt Winston (Co-founder, Stan Winston School) discuss the creation of these effects, with additional insights from actors involved, including Dee Wallace (Mary in E.T.) and Ed Gale (Howard the Duck).

Superman II - In this segment, Sarah Douglas (Ursa, Superman I & II) reveals her experience of making Superman II, including what it was like to shoot the same sequences with two different directors, first with Richard Donner and then later refilming with Richard Lester.

Aliens - Jenette Goldstein (Private Vasquez), Mark Rolston (Private Drake) and Carrie Henn (Newt) are joined by Ian Nathan, author of the bestselling Alien Vault, as we look at the making of James Cameron’s incredible Aliens.